Multifamily Sellers Services

Multifamily Sellers Services

Eureka Business Group offers multifamily sellers many services to enable a fast, pain-free closing geared towards maximum net proceeds.

If you are interested in selling your Texas multifamily property or apartments building we will be honored to assist you in any way we can.

If your property fit our criteria we will be happy to make you a fair offer ourselves!

If your property is too small for us, too big for us, different class, different market, etc. we will still be able to help you find the right buyers that will close on time.

We can also provide FREE evaluation service to help you set the right price that will enable you to get your property sold within your timeline.


Services we offer multifamily sellers:

  • We will make you a fair offer for your property
  • We will identify serious buyers that will close on time
  • We will screen buyers to verify their ability to close
  • We can educate you on how you sell your property using “Seller Financing” so you can enjoy the benefits that come with a seller financing transactions
  • We will do a market research on your behalf and help determine the true current value of your property
  • We can introduce you to investors that can invest in your property in return for a profit-sharing arrangement


If you think we can help you in any way mentioned above or otherwise, please reach out using our Contact Form